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WebArc Technologies is a Nevada-based company that develops WordPress websites for marketing agencies internationally. Founded by current CEO Tom Legens, WebArc designs custom business and e-commerce web solutions with exceptional user experience and for a wide range of business needs.

WebArc architects fully managed business and e-commerce web solutions. They educate clients and support their marketing strategies, including SEO, branding via custom website design, logo creation, and more.

WebArc largely works with marketing agencies seeking help with their development and support needs, though they also work with several small businesses across industries like accounting, law, and business consulting.

WebArc empowers their clients to create impactful, relevant, and meaningful digital experiences that resonate with their audiences. Their expert designers, developers, copywriters, and marketers work together to produce superior web experiences that translate across platforms like WordPress, Progressive Web App (PWA), and Shopify technologies.

Black box frustrations

Initially, WebArc struggled with finding an effective hosting solution for their deployment needs. They needed a cloud provider that would allow them to customize their hosting capabilities to fit the needs of their customers.

Because WebArc provides custom web solutions for a wide range of customers, they pride themselves on being able to build to the unique needs of their clients. So, they needed a cloud infrastructure to support the requirements of custom-building their web software.

WebArc was looking for:

  • Direct access to servers
  • The ability to adjust server settings such as PHP, cache, and other critical resources when optimizing a site
  • The ability to add new services with minimal effort
  • The ability to increase server resources with minimal to no downtime

Most cloud providers offer out-of-the-box hosting solutions that are difficult to adapt. As a result, these black box products lacked the hardware and software flexibility foundational to the WebArc business model – and their success.

They needed a cloud provider that would allow them to customize their hosting capabilities to fit the needs of their customers.

Reflecting on this, CEO Tom Legens shared, “With the ever-changing landscape of tech, we didn’t want to be at the mercy of a mainstream WordPress managed service provider. Many of them have good tech and support, but we were constantly paying more for a black box solution. We need something that we could adjust to our customers’ unique needs.”

Adaptability is everything

Adaptability and flexibility are critical to WebArc’s success, and Vultr helps WebArc maintain these qualities.

Using Vultr wasn’t just a game-changer for WebArc. It was also a defining point in their business success. WebArc uses Vultr to host client sites and as a sandbox for trying out new ideas, designs, and branding efforts. With the help of Vultr, WebArc can now get the customization and affordability that it could not find from other cloud solution providers.

Vultr provided WebArc with an optimal and effective solution through Cloud Compute, which provisions High Frequency servers. Currently, WebArc uses 3 Vultr Cloud Compute servers. Each server has 8 GB RAM, 3 VCUs, and 256 GB SSD.

WebArc pairs its Vultr support with its WordPress stack, which consists of Ubuntu-18, NGINX, and MySQL. They also use Redis®* for object and page caching on some servers and Varnish for page caching on others.

In addition to the flexibility that Vultr offers, WebArc also benefits from the usability and approachability of Vultr. Legens notes that a large part of why WebArc turned to Vultr instead of a large cloud provider is its ease of use. “Anyone who has tried to add an AWS server and get routing and all the other bits worked out knows the challenges there. It’s easier with Vultr.”

Freedom for less

With the Vultr Cloud Compute offering, WebArc is able to adapt and customize server settings to meet their specific use cases. They can set up their WordPress stack on Ubuntu servers with caching specifications. This enables them to configure the cloud resources according to the requirements of the individual solutions they are building. Such flexibility enables them to meet the needs of any client.

“It’s given us the flexibility we need at a very affordable price, which has allowed us to invest the overage of what we would have paid a managed host back to other parts of our business.”

- Tom Legens

Additionally, working with Vultr saves WebArc about $700 monthly by using Vultr services instead of relying on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure. With Vultr, WebArc can reduce its overall costs without sacrificing or compromising on the flexibility to grow, change, and modify its services and servers to best support its clients.

The switch to Vultr supported and facilitated WebArc’s growth. Because WebArc can place higher-value clients on the proper server infrastructure from the start, they can more closely control their services, enabling WebArc to serve their clients more confidently.

Thinking about their partnership with Vultr, Legens says, “Working with Vultr’s Cloud Compute product has been a game changer for our business. It’s given us the flexibility we need at a very affordable price, which has allowed us to invest the overage of what we would have paid a managed host back to other parts of our business. We’ve been using Vultr for over a year now and we hardly ever have to use their support but when we do, support has been quick and solved our issues.”

*Redis® is a registered trademark of Redis Ltd. Any rights therein are reserved to Redis Ltd. Any use by Vultr is for referential purposes only and does not indicate any sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation between Redis® and Vultr.

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