Optimize every digital touchpoint

Vultr and Yext solutions not only meet your current data storage and digital experience needs, but also provide the flexibility and scalability to grow with your organization and reduce your operational expenses without sacrificing performance.

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Vultr and Yext are proud to be certified members of the MACH Alliance, a not-for-profit industry body that advocates for open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystems.

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Answers at scale

Yext enables users to manage hundreds of digital touch points, while Vultr's global, robust cloud infrastructure minimizes latency, maximizes performance, and supports scalable growth.

Online presence control

Experience unparalleled control over your online presence by combining Vultr's global infrastructure with Yext's superior search experience management, enhancing visibility and accuracy across various platforms.

Powerful SEO

Leverage Yext's AI Search Platform with Vultr's scalable cloud environment to transform your websites into powerful search engines, enhancing user engagement and boosting conversion rates on a global scale.

Global reach, local presence

Vultr's 32+ global cloud data centers — in conjunction with Yext's localized digital presence tools — enable businesses to strategically set up operations near their target markets, reducing latency and bolstering performance.

Unmatched price-to-performance

Maximize your cloud spend with afforable, predictable pricing.



8 vCPUs
8 vCPUs
8 vCPUs


32 GB
32 GB
32 GB


160 GB
200 GB
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7 TB
6 TB
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Craft tailored journeys for your users

Combine Yext's AI-driven Answers Platform and Vultr's reliable infrastructure to deliver personalized, content-rich, experiences that boost global brand visiblity across numerous digital touchpoints.

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Streamline your data and content

Use Yext Content alongside Vultr's robust cloud storage for superior data organization and accessibility, reinforced by high-level data safety, reliability, and insightful analytics.

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Watch your digital presence explode

Implement Yext’s high-conversion data syndication tools to maintain an accurate, up-to-date digital presence while leveraging Vultr’s scalable cloud servers to ensure data compliance and security.

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