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Vultr and Virtuozzo have combined to offer high-performance infrastructure and a multicloud application orchestrator featuring tailored application solutions, unified management, and enhanced reliability.

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Virtuozzo Application Platform is a turnkey Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution for freedom in a multicloud world.

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Complete flexibility

Tired of navigating the complexities and high costs of hyperscalers for your cloud solutions? Vultr and Virtuozzo have joined forces to bring you the ultimate cloud solution for growing businesses: a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective platform that empowers you to thrive in a multicloud world.

Turnkey solution

Experience the power of hyperscalers in an easy, turnkey solution. Save resources and cut costs effortlessly.

Stabilized pricing

Enjoy stabilized pricing, ensuring cost-effective customer services – without unexpected price hikes.

No vendor lock-in

Eliminate vendor lock-in, giving you complete control to choose the ideal infrastructure for your applications.

Unmatched price-to-performance

Maximize your budget with afforable, predictable pricing.



8 vCPUs
8 vCPUs
8 vCPUs


32 GB
32 GB
32 GB


160 GB
200 GB
Not included


7 TB
6 TB
Not included

Compute price


Virtuozzo Application Platform

Based on resource consumption*
Based on resource consumption*
Based on resource consumption*





*Start with a 15-day free trial and then purchase a license based on the required resources.

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Anything as a Service

With our platform, you gain access to a comprehensive application marketplace with pre-packaged solutions for single-click deployment. Alternatively, leverage Virtuozzo's automation tools and multicloud interoperability to create tailor-made solutions that can adapt to your business requirements and changes in demand.

Application lifecycle management

Modernize your legacy applications and streamline cloud orchestration with our built-in DevOps capabilities. This enables you to optimize cost, performance, and security while accelerating development and reducing time to market.

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virtuozzo screenshot

Implement a multicloud strategy

Embrace the power of multicloud with Vultr + Virtuozzo. Provision your applications to any backend cloud infrastructure of your choice, reducing vendor lock-in and minimizing the risk of downtime across your entire infrastructure.

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