Qdrant + Vultr: Vector Database for Next-Generation AI Projects

Vultr and Qdrant provide enterprises with advanced AI application benefits, including scalability, global reach, best price-to-performance ratios, data management, and privacy controls.

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Optimize AI workloads

Combine Vultr's high-performance cloud infrastructure with Qdrant's advanced vector database technology, providing a solution for businesses needing scalable support for advanced AI workloads in today's digital landscape.

Increased price-to-performance

Save up to 90% on your cloud spend compared to hyperscaler providers, while maximizing ROI in your AI initiatives.

Vector database

Seamlessly integrate Qdrant's vector database technology with Vultr's infrastructure, unlocking unparalleled capabilities for your AI projects..

Hybrid cloud environments

Enjoy the benefits of both public and private cloud environments, tailored to meet the specific needs of your AI workloads.

GPU-accelerated Kubernetes Engine

Enhance your AI and machine learning tasks by integrating Qdrant's vector search into Vultr Kubernetes, accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs, for rapid data processing and enhanced scalability in your AI projects.

AI inference

Qdrant optimizes the performance of AI models and seamlessly integrates with Vultr Cloud Inference, enhancing global Generative AI deployments for efficient, reliable, and low-latency operations worldwide.

Refine LLMs integration with RAG

Boost response accuracy by integrating external information retrieval with Qdrant-powered RAG., and combine it with Vultr's scalable infrastructure to host large language models and databases for optimal performance every time.

Scalable Infrastructure

Deploy and manage your AI workloads effortlessly with Vultr's scalable infrastructure, ensuring your projects can adapt dynamically to changing demands without compromising performance.

Cutting-edge vector database technology

Leverage Qdrant's advanced vector database capabilities to efficiently store and retrieve high-dimensional data, empowering your AI applications with lightning-fast processing and analysis.

Unified AI stack management

Simplify your workflows and streamline your development cycles with our integrated environment, allowing you to manage the full lifecycle of your AI applications seamlessly.

Global reach, local execution

Deploy your AI solutions globally with confidence, thanks to Vultr's worldwide infrastructure and Qdrant's low-latency vector search capabilities, ensuring compliance with local data regulations and enhancing user satisfaction.