AWS, GCP, and Azure are overbuilt for 99%+ of cloud workloads

AWS, GCP, and Azure were built to meet the demands of the richest companies and governments. Over the past decade, AWS, GCP, and Azure built hundreds of ancillary services to capture massive contracts funded by the top 0.1% of cloud infrastructure budgets. AWS, GCP, and Azure hyperscaled complexity. They hyperscaled cost. For the vast majority of businesses, the hyperscalers have simply become overbuilt and overwhelming.

Operational efficiency matters now more than ever. It's time to eliminate the hyperscaler bloat that is impacting your productivity and margins. It's time for a cloud computing platform that is optimized for your workloads, your budget, and your success.

What is Hyperscaler Bloat?

Complex aggregation of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Multitude of ancillary PaaS and SaaS services that the vast majority of IaaS buyers do not use and that compete with best-of-breed 3rd party solutions

Tangled web of dependencies across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers

Vendor lock-in and lack of portability of applications and workloads

Overburdened cost structure for foundational cloud IaaS, resulting in overpriced cloud compute, storage, and bandwidth

The hyperscalers are optimized for the richest companies, the largest cloud infrastructure budgets, and a "cloud at any cost" mindset. If you're counting on AWS, GCP, and Azure to provide the most cost-efficient cloud operating model, scale your digital business profitability, and deliver the customer support that you deserve, they're not the cloud your code is looking for.

There is a better way.

Purpose-built. Pure-play IaaS to deliver you the cloud computing resources you need and a cost advantage that the hyperscalers cannot deliver.

Composable. Harness an ecosystem of 3rd party PaaS and SaaS services to build a best-of-breed cloud stack and avoid hyperscaler lock-in.

Price-to-performance. Dramatically reduce your cloud costs without compromising performance by paying only for the right compute resources at the right time

Global reach. Get global reach comparable to the hyperscalers with over 30 cloud data center locations and lock-in savings of 30-40% -- and up to 80% for bandwidth intensive workloads.

Easy-to-use. Built by developers for developers, we make it simple to get started saving money and optimizing your cloud infrastructure. Try Vultr today.

Read the 451 Research/S&P Global Research Brief

Multicloud Strategies Create a Place for Alternative Clouds in Enterprise Portfolios to learn how enterprises are tapping alternative cloud providers to maintain the advantages of cloud without suffering the cost, rigidity and lock-in of the hyperscalers.

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“We see reason to believe that growing enterprise cloud portfolios will embrace a greater range of vendor types, including “alternative” and specialist clouds that exist outside the small set of hyperscale providers.”

“Vendors in [the alternative cloud] space continue to add features – such as managed database functions, managed Kubernetes services, bare-metal infrastructure options and more – increasing both the breadth of the role for these platforms and their longevity within the enterprise multicloud environment.”

Don't let AWS tax weigh you down.

What’s the AWS tax?

Simple. When all but the world’s largest companies build their software solutions and products on the hyperscalers’ platforms, they are effectively sharing a portion of their financial and growth success with Amazon, Google, or Microsoft in perpetuity: they are paying the AWS tax. It’s a sure thing.

Avoid the liability of the AWS tax

What can the right cloud provider do for you?

Vultr makes cloud simpler. Vultr Makes Cloud Affordable. Vultr Makes Cloud Available Everywhere.

Vultr offers unparalleled compute performance, flexibility to burst out and in, access to the latest infrastructure, and availability of compute in your region for compliance and data sovereignty purposes.

Move all your workloads to us, or add Vultr to your multicloud strategy. Either way, Vultr makes cloud easy.

Read our solution brief How Vultr Makes Cloud Life Easy to understand what makes Vultr the best solution for organizations looking for the cloud with the right fit to your needs and your workflows.

Read the Solution Brief

Put Vultr’s speed, power, and reach to work for your code.

Vultr’s cloud native platform expedites Vultr users’ time to market and lowers their TCO.

Vultr’s scaling empowers users to meet their biggest resource demands.

Vultr’s global reach provides a fantastic end-user experience.

Our flexible, independent cloud is built for business success.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Check out what our global customers say:

Onsharp’s cloud headache had a simple remedy with Vultr Virtual Machines
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simPRO relies on Vultr to help field service professionals keep the lights on
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Vultr’s price-performance is exceptional, and its highly-available infrastructure is located near our customers in Australia and around the world. We’ve got a great relationship with the Vultr team, and know we can count on them.

Rob Ormond Chief Technology Officer, simPRO

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