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Nextcloud started in 2016 as a fork of the popular ownCloud software. The Nextcloud team focuses on an open and transparent development process between its developers and users. As such, anyone can get involved in all aspects of Nextcloud, such as improvement, design, and testing.

A Plethora of File Sharing Features

Upon logging into Nextcloud, you'll feel right at home with its web-based file sharing features that you would normally see on commercial file-sharing websites. Uploading and downloading files takes just a few clicks. You won't need to bother with hefty email attachments anymore either. Any files uploaded into Nextcloud can be converted to a URL and shared. The Nextcloud team also provides desktop clients which can connect to your personal Nextcloud server.

Additionally, NextCloud is quite modular. The "Apps" portion allows you to customize Nextcloud with new features such as Calendar, Contacts, enhanced authentication, and more.

Read technical details about this app on Vultr Docs.

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