Powerful Wiki Software

Mediawiki is the same open-source software that powers Wikipedia, a premier Web 2.0 application.

Mediawiki can be used to build collaborative content on the web. Its design is quite versatile, making it well suited as a knowledge base, documentation hub, or even a news site. You don't need to be a web designer to create premium content, thanks to the built-in "wikitext" format.

With one-click installation, you're ready to start test-driving Mediawiki's extensive feature list. In addition to content management, Mediawiki supports:

  • Easy navigation.
  • Create, edit, and format content.
  • File uploads.
  • Embedding images.
  • Linking content.
  • Access control with user management.
  • Discussion between users.

Read technical details about this app on Vultr Docs.

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