Point-and-Click Website Management

cPanel is an incredibly popular control panel for web servers. Much of cPanel's popularity has grown from its user-friendly management interface. Through cPanel, you can manage email accounts, databases, security settings, and many other website aspects. File transfer is easy too - try the web-based file manager, or utilize traditional methods like FTP/SFTP/FTPS.

cPanel and WHM

cPanel is a multi-tiered software package. The cPanel portion of the package is a control panel for managing a website. WHM offers hosting providers with a panel to manage each account on a server. Both programs provide a role-based strategy for managing websites. When deploying on VULTR, you will have full access to each of these cPanel suites.

Fully Licensed

Your VPS will run the fully-licensed version of cPanel. We handle license management so that you don't have to! A surcharge of $15.00 is bundled into the VPS price to cover the cPanel license.

Read technical details about this app on Vultr Docs.

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